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Gum Disease’s Greater Risks

Gum Disease’s Greater Risks
Posted Tuesday, February 03, 2009 by NewBeauty Staff

Avoiding gingivitis and periodontal disease is reason enough to take good care of your gums, but a London-based study published last year could inspired even the most reluctant flosser to pick up the string.

Following thousands of men for almost 20 years, researchers found that those with a history of gum disease had a cancer risk 14% higher than those who did not. And the risk wasn’t just for mouth cancers-lung, skin, bladder and other cancers were all reported.

Women have not been examined yet, but the findings of this study surely inspire additional research. Lead researcher Dominique Michaud was quoted as saying, “If other data can support this association, then it will have implications for prevention and may provide some new clues on the role of the immune function in cancer development.”